We are glad to see your interest in our materials,products and about how those are made & delivered.

All our products are made from Natural grain leather. Our long experience in leather production and finishing has given us excellent knowledge about leather.

Handmade production

99% from our production - footwear, bags, wallets, etc - are handmade by masters of leather work.
All our products are with high quality & from well selected materials. All the production is handmade in Baltic states.

Under brand ILOS we have 3 different product-lines:

- Under ILOS Elegants we produce elegant and one of the kind men and woman elegant shoes & boots, both from ILOS finished natural full grain leather and also usual natural full grain leather.

- Under ILOS Alpi we are make & offer Premium-quality long-lasting shoes, man & woman lace boots, military boots, work footwear, hiking & hunting boots, etc. We also can offer custom designed & made lace boots for the fans of alternative culture ( we can also make historical footwear - shoes for national dress, Viking shoes and medieval shoes).

All handmade footwear have good resistance and durability. Handmade production enables primarily to consider client needs and the specificity of the leg. Upon request, we can add special details and you can also order footwear in various colors.

- Under ILOS Bag we produce handmade men & women  bags & wallets, time-planner covers, etc.

In case of handmade boots and shoes we can make you footwear as per foot measure -  almost like footwear tailor work - look footwear sizes link where you find exact information how to measure your leg to get you footwear made specially for your leg. In case of making footwear specially as per your leg size the price will be about 20-25 EUR higher from usual product price as all layouts/footwear upper parts must be made separately and as per your size.

ILOS finished leather products
Those are specially made for You who want to have something very special and different from usual black - brown - other one-tone color leathers. Here you find products we made thinking of You, who want to belong to Family of people who like to be with an individual look, unique, one of the kind, be outside the box, ready to try something new - those products are made to cherish You.

We make footwear & bags, etc from our own produced ILOS finished  leathers, If you planning to become our re-selling partner you can request to use your own design ideas, send us your design ideas and in case of design suitability we can make you footwear from leather with your design idea.

In case of ILOS finished  leather we make footwear as per on order base - it takes 1-2 weeks to make designed leather ( if we do not have in stock leather with your desired design )  + production time.  If you want to design your shoes or boots, etc yourself it may take +/- 1-2 weeks extra to make ILOS-finish to leather and your file must be vector file or  some cases HQ JPGE fail.  In case of customer own design request to leather it is at extra cost.

 Natural leather footwear
To people who like our models, but looking more common outlook with good quality made by people who consider quality as first priority, we can offer all models from usual single tone leathers
All products are made from natural leather. For production is used several different type leathers:
 - for shoe/boots uppers natural leather, natural waterproof leather and natural leather coated with special PU layer which give good water resistance.
 - for lining is used natural leather or depending footwear speciality also many other type of lining materials ( for special footwear ).
 - for bags & wallets both vegetable and chrome tanned natural leathers with different kind of finishing.   
In case of working footwear all materials & footwear are tested according highest standards ( Upper materials are accordance EN norms ). 

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