Leather what we use in production together with ILOS-finished natural leather  is chrome-tanned finished leather & special PU finished natural leather what we make in different leather tanneries in Europe. All raw material for those leathers is also European origin.We have worked with leather finishing & production over 12 years and always follow leather production in each step of finishing process and therefore we always also use only high quality material

We use natural leather in various types & colors for footwear, fancy leather goods ( bags, wallets, covers, etc ), garments and upholstery.

We use different kinds of finishing of natural leather, velor, waterproof leather, PU coated natural leather, leather linings and splitted leather. High quality of leather is ensured by the leather tannery partners modern technology equipment and chemicals from the European states. The great attention is given to researching and inculcation of the most modern technologies of leather processing and together with customers we working to develop out new kinds of finished leathers according to market demands.

Leather we use in production:

Nappa Natural

Full grain leather, natural grain, elegant aniline type finishing,, elastic, medium soft leather. Best for woman’s boots, etc footwear, also very good for men's and children’s all season walking footwear

Nappa Regular

Full grain leather, shiny smooth grain, with semi-aniline finishing,, elastic, more standing leather. Suitable for men’s, woman’s and children’s all season walking footwear

Nappa Milled

Finished grain leather, soft, milled, with light pigment finishing,, elastic. Millied grain pattern.Suitable as shoe uppers leather for men’s, woman’s and children’s all season walking footwear

Nappa Ton

Finished grain leather, milled, Uruguay print, softer leather

Suitable for different footwear articles

Waterproof leather

Grain leather, chrome-tanned, water-resistant, natural outer surface,more standing leather. Possible with Dollar or Haircell print

This high quality leather is specialy developed for federal army forces and other official entities.

PU coated natural leather

Natural leather with Polyuretane (PU) finish. This is highly durable, has excellent cold crack and flex resistance. It is also breathable, waterproof and has a wipe-clean finish which requires no polishing

Protector PU coated natural leather

Natural leather with special Polyuretane (PU) finish. It is to meet the more demanding excesses of outdoor and other working environments. It’s accord to requirements of the European Standard

Sheep Nappa & Lazer cutted Sheep nappa leathers

Nappa leather is soft, full grain leather with silky feeling and touch, but usualy it is thinner leather suitable for woman footwear. Lazer cutted leather is Sheep nappa leather with lazer-cutted pattern

Split Velour for footwear

Split with short hair, good quality, suitable for footwear, etc

Split Velour Goretex for footwear

Waterproof Velour split with short hair, good quality, for footwear, medium soft type.

Nubuck leathers

Nubuck leather is a full grain leather whose naturals characteristics are enhanced by buffing the top layer. This lends a particularly velvety finish to the leather

Pull-up leathers

Pull-up leather is with oili/waxy grain and pull-up effect

Pig Grain and Split velour & Split Glazed Lining leather

Cow grain lining leather

Sheep fur lining leather

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