ILOS finished leather is natural full grain leather we make with special ILOS finishing technology / process where design/images/patterns /drawings/pictures/texture images/etc gives to natural leather unique outlook,

We have worked with leather production and finishing last 12 years and within last few years time we worked out our own special technology to produce ILOS finished leather - beautiful natural leather material

In  ILOS leather design is part of leather finishing process and designs we make to leather during this process - ILOS finished leather is as good as any usual finished leather

 ILOS leather give to our re-sellers / partners / customers much more possibilities to:

  • get all leather products more individual/unique/one of the kind look,

  • match designs in footwear, wallets, bags, etc

  • have advantage in market offering something very unique,

  • gives possibilities  to produce more individual models ( also as per customer foot measures),

  • get unique outlook, colour & design possibilities,

  • possibilities to make special design ( customer design ideas ) to products,

  • change product design & outlook ideas fast as all ILOS finished leather production take place in Estonia,

We have leather as base material available all time.  Our knowledge about leather and leather production / finishing give us possibilities to design & produce all needed ILOS finished leather ( both exact needed material and leather design ) together with designers in short time. We are also very flexible considering designs, minimum order quantities, etc and we can react fast to any designer ideas and leather processing time from idea until ready material with required design is quite fast.

Design can be from drawings up to photo quality designs, but it must be looked every time separately considering leather usage area ( if it go to footwear, upholstery, fancy good or garments), material ( if this is natural leather, PU coated natural leather, etc ) and customer ideas & requirements ( requested design ideas, possibilities & solutions, used materials, designs colors & type, etc.

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